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Pulmonary Function Tests, or PFTs, are a set of non-invasive diagnostic assessments that evaluate the functioning of the respiratory system. These tests provide crucial insights into lung capacity, efficiency, and overall respiratory health. Typically performed by a trained respiratory therapist or healthcare professional, PFTs help diagnose and monitor various respiratory conditions.

Key Components of PFT

  • Spirometry
  • Lung Volume Tests
  • Diffusion Capacity Test

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Importance of PFT

PFTs play a crucial role in diagnosing respiratory conditions, helping healthcare professionals tailor appropriate treatment plans.

Monitoring Progress

For individuals with chronic respiratory conditions, regular PFTs help monitor disease progression and treatment effectiveness.

Preoperative Assessment

Prior to certain surgeries, especially those involving the chest or lungs, PFTs provide vital information about a patient's respiratory reserve.

Screening for Occupational Risks

PFTs are used in occupational settings to assess lung function and identify potential risks associated with workplace exposures.

Fitness to Perform Certain Activities

PFTs may be used to evaluate an individual's fitness for specific activities, such as scuba diving or certain professions requiring optimal respiratory function.